my name is Asger and I am born in 1990. I grew up in a small town in Denmark called Them. When I turned 24, I decided to travel the World to do something new. My parents gave my a camera before I left and I started capturing what I saw on my way. I grew a passion and fascination for photography and ever since I always carry my camera with me.

I moved to Copenhagen in 2016 and I have studied at Copenhagen film & photo school. My love for photography just grew and especially documentary photography. I spend a lot of time in the streets of Copenhagen doing street photography. From January 2021 I study photography at NEXT in Copenhagen.  

I seek to entertain with my pictures. I like to make people smile, wonder or feel something. My work is driven by a great deal of curiosity, optimism and patience. “Real situations” are the most interesting to me. I never stage a photography (unless it is portraits), instead I will happily wait for the perfect moment.

I don't manipulate my pictures by removing objects, adding new elements, changing the look of objects or other "manipulative" adjustments.  

I also enjoy doing other kinds of photography for example events like concerts, festivals ect. I also like making portraits. 

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